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Self-Produced Projects

  'X' by Barakka - Music Video  
Invited by Philadelphia, PA band Barakka to tour with them in Turkey. During tour, the Soma coal mine tragedy occurred and the band's only show was canceled due to national mourning. Their song 'X' describes hard times. We shot this music video in the streets of Istanbul early May 2014 amidst anti-government protests for workers' rights. The video features footage from the whole 8-day trip, YouTube video from other citizen journalists filming night protests plus live footage of shows the band ultimately played. We shot several scenes incognito in Gezi Park as well. Check out the music video for Barakka's song 'Agit' I edited a year prior to this trip, shot by Woodshop Films in the drummer's Philadelphia warehouse recording studio.
   The Unseen World by EKE Art - Installation Short   
Kate Kaman and Joel Erland of EKE Art create a stunning art installation, The Unseen World, at Temple University's Medical Education and Research building, 3500 North Broad Street, Phila, PA. A 150-foot installation, comprising of 50+ giant sculptures of various bacteria and one virus found in the body, reminding us that art and medicine are inextricably linked. These artists have created a lot of innovative sculpture over the years and I was fortunate to capture their process on this project. Shot over the course of six months in 2011 on site and at their Germantown studio. Check out a project proposal video I did with EKE Art a couple years prior for a public art piece commissioned by SEPTA in one of its subway stations. 
  The Rock Solid Facts of Fracking - Counter Commercial  
The realities and information are spreading about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The facts are rock solid. Tell Governor Tom Wolf that fracking fractures Pennsylvania! This commercial was made to counter a misleading industry pro-fracking video that came out before Wolf was elected in 2014. We did the appropriate research which caused the gas industry to actually change the language in their video shortly after we posted our version. Check out the art and activism group EDGE and a townhall meeting video fighting a compressor station I produced, shot and edited several months prior in the western part of Pennsylvania.  
  David Commander's New Toy Theater - Theater Short  
An invitation was accepted to travel up to New York City for performance artist David Commander's dream project to perform 3 short modern toy theater works in succession. This is New Toy Theater, darkly humorous vignettes projected larger than life tell the stories of a plane crash, massive food waste, and the 1819 sinking of the whale ship Essex. The brilliant madness that was documented included the artist setting up, the actual performance and the breakdown of the show. Check out these other fun shorts I helped produce and edited with Dave years prior: Liaisons and When the World Ends. 
  'Nothing's Learned' by Population Zero - Music Video
Philadelphia, PA music warriors Population Zero (this was the band's first line-up and sound) wanted to make a music video involving their friends and community. Also, the lead singer's car at the time needed a make-over. What better way to celebrate May Day 2011 than to have a killer convertible show with all of your supporters -- this was a real block party in South Philly. Over the years I did a lot of filming of Population Zero shows even touring the east coast with them four years later.

Photo: Street Stencil Fun, Chelsea Manning Birthday

American Street, Philadelphia, PA

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